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High-quality organic products

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“Natural living“ is a recurring theme in our new Pataunerhof. According to us, we can only improve our quality of life when we learn again to live in harmony with nature. When we learn to appreciate the natural raw materials of our country. Therefore, we offer only regional and high-quality organic products! From ingredients growing on our doorstep or in the neighbourhood. We trust in the quality of nature.
The following own farm products are offered in the farm:
apple juice
red vine
fruit cordials
elder syrup
melissa syrup
Fruit jams
mixed herbal salt
Herbs for tea
Lavender bag

Südtiroler Köstlichkeiten

Our high-quality organic products

Products from our country

Homemade jams. Strawberry. Apricot. Raspberry. Yummy! Eggs from the organic farm in Tirolo. Fresh and of course from happy chickens! Honey from the environs. The pure smell and taste of nature! Bread rolls from the small local bakery. Oven-fresh every day! Homemade products around the theme „apple“. Apple juice. Apple vinegar. Apple chutney. A real treat! Not to mention our own wine production. Never enjoy a South Tyrolean snack like bacon or cheese without a good glass of Vernatsch wine!

Hausbeschriftung Pataunerhof

Our farm shop

A place to meet & enjoy

Our lounge isn’t just a place to meet. It’s also a place to experience unique moments of peace and wellbeing. And last but not least, it disposes of a small farm shop where we offer our homemade products. For your next breakfast in the garden or a good glass of wine at the end of the day. Or to take a piece of South Tyrol home with you!

Genussvoll wohnen

Martin will show you his workplace

his great passion

Right next to it there are the wine production rooms which, thanks to large glass windows, can be directly seen in by our guests. On occasion, Martin will show you his workplace – his great passion.

Südtiroler Köstlichkeiten

Products from
our country

Südtiroler Köstlichkeiten

The pure smell
and taste of nature!

Südtiroler Köstlichkeiten