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Garden area

A Mediterranean oasis…
Our garden

Our garden. Our home. For our guests and us, the garden should represent a piece of life, a piece of living space. A place for people to meet. And for children a source of inspiration and fantasy. A creative space for young and old. What could be nicer then picking some summer berries? Some fruits in the trees and tasting them? Or smelling the scent of wild herbs? You can witness and enjoy the cycle of nature here!

Gartenanlage Pataunerhof

What we already have?
Your place of relaxation

You cannot create a garden overnight. A garden has to grow, flourish and it takes time. But what already awaits you, we show you here:

  • Green area in front of all apartments
  • Private green area through a visual protection between the individual apartments
  • Your own small herbs bed in front of your apartment
  • Huge herbs snail in the immediate vicinity of the garage entrance
  • Small tree in the private green area, adapted to the chosen theme of each apartment
  • Barbecue grill and a children’s playroom with sandbox for your little ones
Garten und Panorama Pataunerhof

What we will have in the future?

Your personal, natural living space

In its present form, our garden is just the beginning. Our idea for the next years is it to create a huge “open air room” where the whole family can feel totally at ease and relax. With the following comforts (amongst others):

  • Wooden outdoor hot tub, under the starry sky and with panoramic view over the Merano valley basin
  • Natural outdoor swimming pool for young and old
  • Shaded children’s playground with integrated adult area, willow tent, sandbox and wet zone
  • Small “berry sweets corner” for the little ones
  • Barbecue area with fire basket and fireplace
  • Rock garden and stone fountain
  • Trickle and pergola
  • Orchard, fruit garden, salad bed and potato field