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Spring feelings

In spring Tirolo’s emphasis is very much on the music. Every year, from the end of March until the end of April, the Spring Cultural Festival takes places and attracts people from near and far. It’s a welcome opportunity to set elements of traditional folk music into new contexts and combine them with the modern stylistic directions of contemporary music. Genuine “old” and new “offbeat” folk music at special locations and various inns and restaurants.

Summer emotions

In summer Tirolo is showing itself from a multifaceted side. During the hot months many different folk festivals and the popular Soirees at Tirolo Castle await you. An event where top international ensembles give impressive concerts in the Great Hall of Tirol Castle, presenting music from different countries and cultures.

Indian summer

In the „golden season“ of the year, Tirolo’s emphasis is much on the harvest. Different folk festivals as the typical “Törggele” festival have to be noted in every agenda. Young and old come together in quaint wine taverns, wine cellars, and guesthouses to enjoy traditional Schlachtplatten (meat platters) with Knödel (dumplings) and smoked meat, roasted chestnuts, and the first new wine, the Sußer. The Merano Grape Festival is a highly traditional harvest festival too.